Choosing color combinations

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One of the first things you should think of when starting the development of a new fresh website, is what colors you want to use. Many people don’t think of this as that important, but it is! According to studies, the right combination of colors is very important to grab your visitors interest. Luckily, Adobe has created a great tool for making this easier for us, it’s called Adobe Kuler.

Adobe kulerWith Adobe Kuler you have several ways to find the right colors for your website. You can simply log in to the Adobe Kuler website and browse your way to find a nice colorschema.

As you can see from the screenshot, there is many existing schemas that is free for you to download.

If you already have a picture that is going to be central on your website, you can upload the photo, and Adobe Kuler will extract central colors and make a color schema from it, pretty neat!

Create color schema from image

I recommend you to try Adobe Kuler. It’s a great tool for choosing colors for your website.

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