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Reset css

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Are you tired of pulling your hair when you test your new, amazing website in different browsers? Maybe the div’s is not where you want them to be, the font-size is different etc. There is hope!

The purpose of css reset / stylesheet reset is to neutralize the areas where the different browsers is inconsistent, e.g margin, line-height, padding and so on. When using a css reset, all the styles that are reset in the stylesheet is reset to “zero”, giving all the browsers the same starting point.

Applying the css reset is simple. Luckily there are many examples of reset stylesheets on the web. I like to use . All you have to do to apply the css reset from Yahoo, is to include the following line in your html file, before you link to your own stylesheet:

="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

If you want more information on using this css reset style, visit the

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