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5 tips on designing a gaming site

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The online casino market is as fierce as ever, with competitors battling it out to ensure they can win the market share of customers. There is one vital element to makes sure of this – the design of the website. A cleverly crafted site will take your gambling brand to the next level and help topple your rivals. Here are a few top tips to create the perfect landing page.

Use a catchy colour scheme

It may seem obvious, but you need to make your site look as aesthetically pleasing as possible to ensure the customer comes back.  However, the colours also need to ensure the customer feels safe to game on the site and isn’t at risk. For example, brown and orange are used as a calming influence, whereas red is very appealing and engaging, something used for their colour scheme.

Create an eye catching logo

The logo for your gaming website is a critical part of the designing process because it creates the connection between your brand and the service you deliver. An eye catching logo appearing on your gaming will remind users of the experience you are providing and the image will stick in their memory – thus returning next time they want to tend to their gambling needs.

Sometimes less is more

From a design perspective, there is nothing worse than clutter. If you fill your homepage with jargon about your gambling brand, no-one will read it and it’ll create an unprofessional tone from the start. Try to keep your homepage as spacious as possible, only detailing the vital information – perhaps the games you offer for example.

Choose the right menu

Do you go for a fixed menu on the side of the page, or a drop down one at the top? These sort of issues are vital when designing for gaming site. You need to take into consideration how many variations of poker or roulette you offer, as a fixed tab and drop down set up would be more efficient and effective.

All about the layout

Not only are the aesthetics important, the ergonomics are a vital aspect of treating a website to fend off your gambling competitors. The user needs to have an experience which will make them want to return, so a cleverly thought out layout is a must.

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Free Css Templates

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free css templatesI have decided to release many of the css templates for free, and have also removed the earlier need for registration to be able to download the free templates.
The reason for doing this, is that I’m tired of registrating at all the sites that offers something for download. Most of the sites just send out spam mails that I’m not interested in anyway, so I made myself a “fake” email address to receive all these registration and spam emails (sounds familiar?). So, from now on, all the css templates that is available for free, requires no registration in order to download.

Well, I’m happy about this, and I hope that you are too!

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